"The dance program at Combs is one of the most wonderful programs the school has to offer; the teacher is so friendly and always makes students who are new to dance feel comfortable and welcome. I speak from experience when I say that if there is any program at Combs High School that any student could join and have a good time as a result, it would be the Dance Program." 

~ Keith King (Beginning Dance Student, 2015-2016)

"For a long time, I would shy away from being the center of attention in a public setting. Dance, my freshman year of high school, was the first time I can remember where I took a risk and put myself out there. Because of that risk, I got the self-confidence I needed to conquer new challenges, both at Combs High School and now Arizona State University. Dance made me believe in myself." 

~ Mattie Whitt (CHS Student Body President, Fall, 2013-Spring, 2015)

 Senior Showcase 2017-2018