Dance  Class  Schedule

Intermediate Dance (Dance 2) is a faster pace than the Beginning class with the excitement of learning to teach choreography. Dancers will work as one group in this class to build upon the techniques they learned in Beginning Dance. Activities are presented to students in a way that allows dancers to move at their own pace, while getting an idea of what is coming up and how the skills advance as the dancer improves their technique. 


5th  Period


4th  Period
5th  Period

Beginning Dance (Dance 1) is designed for both the completely inexperienced dancer, and the experienced dancer looking to master the basics in various styles. Dancers will focus on jazz, ballet, and modern dance, while exploring a variety of additional genres through choreography and technique practice. 

6th Period

Advanced Dance (Dance 3) and RUSH Dance Company (Dance 4) meet together to work on advanced-level technique during the last period of each day.  RUSH Performance Rehearsals then take place twice weekly (Monday and Friday) after school and Technique Rehearsals once weekly (Wednesdays). Advanced technique and choreography assignments allow the dancers to both work together and as separate groups, depending on the upcoming events for each group individually.


Advanced &