Summer Dance Camp

Do you want to enhance your technique and performance skills this summer?
Join Combs High Dance for our Summer Dance Camps in June!


Dancers will have the opportunity to work on technical and performance skills with guest teachers and choreographers to prepare for the upcoming school year in turns, jumps, leaps, strength, and flexibility. Stay out of the hot summer sun and don’t miss out on your chance to dance all June long!

JUNE Schedule

Monday and Wednesday

 * 7 AM - Body Strength Class: High School Beginning - Advanced
     Conditioning for dancers, cardio training, core stability.

 * 8 AM - Stretch and Flexibility: High School Beginning - Advanced
     Effective ways to lengthen muscles without overworking them or causing
     damage through
S.A.F.E. Practices and Injury Prevention.

Tuesday and Thursday

 * 7 AM - Turns and Leaps Tech: High School Intermediate - Advanced 

     Turn progressions in center and across, leaps progressions and
     lengthening, turning jumps
and power moves.

 * 8 AM - Dance Technique: Back to Basics: High School Beginning - Advanced

     Turns, leaps, and jumps at their most basic, perfecting basic skills in new
     combinations for 
precision dance technique.


Are you auditioning for RUSH Dance Company this year? Our RUSH Dance Intensive this year will be July 13-16 from 7am-2pm. We will work technique, strength, and flexibility, and choreography from guest teachers, while also having creative sessions, team bonding, and competition preparation. It will be... intense! But so much fun!

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