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If you're looking for a place to express yourself through movement and have a blast doing so, Combs High Dance is where it's at! No matter what amount of prior experience you have, our four level program has a place perfect for you to explore the joy and impact of this amazing art form. Never danced before? It's never too late to explore your interests. Learn to choreograph and perform your own works on stage and make a few great friends along the way! Don't pass up the many opportunities Combs High Dance can offer you! 

Beginning Dance Heart

 Dance 1 - Beginning  Dance 

Beginning Dance is a great place to start if you have little to no experience with dance. In this class, we learn about proper placement and alignment for technique, injury prevention, and choreography. We cover many styles, including musical theater, jazz, contemporary, and more!

 Dance 2 - Intermediate  Dance 

Intermediate Dance is for dancers who are a little more experienced and want to dive a little deeper into new styles and more technique. Dancers in this class will learn how to master basic techniques and use them to communicate ideas and feelings through their own choreography. 

RUSH Dance Company Assembly Performance

 Dance 3 -  Advanced  Dance

 Dance 4 - Rush  Dance Co. 

This class is for the experienced dancer or athletic performer (cheer, acro, etc.). Dancers in this class will work on advanced technique in contemporary, ballet, modern, jazz, and musical theater, and will study choreography and performance in-depth. Dancers will also attend invitationals and master classes, as available.

RUSH is our Combs High Dance performance company. RUSH dancers are dedicated to working at a high level of technique and performance, and perform regularly at CHS and for community events. Dancers also attend college dance invitationals and the AZ State Dance Festival yearly. At this level, dancers are serious about learning new and innovative ways to communicate themes through choreography as well as entertain an audience. If you love to be on the stage, RUSH will meet you there!


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