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 Registration for Dance in 2022-2023

In order to ensure you have the experience of a lifetime in your dance class, you need to be in the class that best meets your needs, both challenging you to meet your highest goals and providing you a realistic path to meet those goals. 

Registration begins in January with the incoming Freshman class.


In January, RUSH will be going to Combs Middle School, so students can check out the awesome opportunities available at Combs High Dance.


January: The Combs High Counselors will be at CMS to help register students for their classes at CHS. 

January: CMS students are invited up to Combs High School so you can check out the campus and learn about the opportunities you have from the students themselves! While you won't see the dance room on this trip, remember, you are going to be the first class that has the new Auditorium on campus from Freshman to Senior year! Check out the pics in the  "Facility" section under the "About Our Program" menu link above!

Current CHS students will be registering during February in their English Classes. 

If you miss the registration dates for the 2021-2022 school year, contact the
Combs High School Counseling Department. 

Dance Registration: 


Beginning Dance - ANYONE can register for Dance 1 or Beginning Dance! No signatures needed. 


Intermediate Dance - For Dance 2, or Intermediate Dance, anyone who has already taken a Dance 1 class at CHS is able to move up into this class. If you have not taken the class but have taken dance elsewhere, you may sign up for this class but may be asked to audition. 

Advanced Dance and RUSH Dance Company - Dance 3 (Advanced Dance) and Dance 4 (RUSH Dance Company) are audition only classes, and must be signed off on the registration form. When you register for the class, bring the form to Ms. Downing to sign off on before turning it in, or you may not get the space in the class you want! REMEMBER: Even if you get the signature on the registration page and are registered for the class, you still must audition at the end of the year to keep the class on your schedule. Don't forget!


Auditions will be in April - check out the auditions page!


If you miss any of these registration opportunities, but still want to be involved in Combs High Dance next year, please contact the Combs High Counseling Department at 480-882-3540 x3553.

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