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 About  Our  Program


At Combs High Dance, we encourage our dancers to take dance as a way to explore creativity and analysis, through instilling a love of the arts in each student, and providing a high level of professional instruction by Combs High Dance staff and guest artists.


We pride ourselves in educating our dancers not only in technique and performance, but in skills that will help build the character of the students all around. Dancers will perform with confidence and create meaningful pieces of choreography of their own. Dancers will respond to historical and current real-world events in the world of dance both on paper and on stage. Dancers will connect their studies in the dance room to other areas both in class and in the community.

As a department, we work toward building community in the classroom and out. We teach responsibility, respect, kindness, and cooperation. At Combs High Dance, we believe that together we can accomplish greatness.

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